Email is My kik is boi_peter. I am a white boi that truly was a born cocksucker. I love the power of a big black cock. I am str8 in normal life. I wear panties every day under my work clothes. I am painting my toes nails now. I wish I could just quit my job and move so I could become a sissy boi full time.

Submitting agajn cause I’m unsure it did the first time. But I’m looking for cock. BBC mostly but I’m not picky. My kik is theatizzle. Hmu. ;)

Please submit me. I’m aching for some.cock. especially some bbc but I’m not picky. ;) I have kik as well. Theatizzle

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You go gurl you and I are one in the same
sissy-boi-loves-bbc sissy-boi-loves-bbc Said:

Thank you

Hi sexy, I love your page would you followed me ;) I will be post loves of great picture soon. How long have you been a sissy for?

not sure who this is from but it’s a great picture.
Is that you using the dildo?
sissy-boi-loves-bbc sissy-boi-loves-bbc Said:

No I am not. Someone that was a submission to my page

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I fucking love your blog! So inspiring!
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Thank you I try

Asker nyhomem Asks:
It's like you went into my head and put everything that turns me on in your blog! Thank you! Makes my boipussy so wet!
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Thank you.

Like, do you have any suggestions for those new, young, but inexperienced gurls interested in going to adult book stores and gloryholes?
sissy-boi-loves-bbc sissy-boi-loves-bbc Said:

Well the first time I went into a store I just am sat in the arcade and just looked around. After a few times going back I would just watch movies of white girls sucking black cocks. Then after that a black guy walked into my booth and said what’s up. I said I hope you are. That was the first time I sucked a dick in the arcade. In the theater I just sit in the back row and watch as the bull rubs his cock. Looking as his cock for a long time. Then make eye contact with him. He will walk over you drop to your knees and start suck that big beautiful cock. Most likely if it’s a busy theater you’ll have more than one guy at a time. Good luck and keep me posted

Love your blog! I am a closet sissy fag who wants BBC in my ass!